Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth and some more new fury friends

I thought I would share a cute photo of one of our  dogs – Ralphy having a bath.

He is so cute but he is our troubled child. He has a few issues but everyone loves him.

I think it all started back when we got him as a puppy. We got 6 chickens on the same day and I think that he honestly believed he was a chook too. He spent his days with them wandering aimlessly around the paddock and bathing in the dirt with them. What can I say?


On Sunday we went to a surprise party for one of my friends and she has been looking after some alpacas.

They are sooo cute. They have just been shawn. These ones are quite friendly and luckily for me the only one that spits is the pregnant one so I kept my eye on her.

PC140014 Well the count down is on here for when the big fellow in the red suit arrives. I am soo looking forward to a few days off. Maybe some time at the beach would be nice.

Till next time

Sue x x x

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