And the winner is? 1,868 1/2″ hexagons in the jar.

Well the answers varied alot and for a while I didn't think anyone was going to get close until VIOOLTJE said

I love to try too, ehm…
2125 or 1875?
*crossing fingers and toes*
I hope you have a lot of fun in my country.
(brrr, what a crazy winter wheater we have) ;o)
I love reading your thoughts, and seeing your photo's about the country
where I live.

So she was just 7 off. Now that is very close.


Please send me your address and I will send you a copy of the new Chelsea pattern with papers and template.

It has been head down and bottom up for me since I have been home. Lots of designing and getting ready for a huge year ahead.

Why is it that we never have the right fabric even when we have a room full of it.

Just another excuse to go to a patchwork shop.

See you soon


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