A new favourite of mine

Last year while I was in Ste Marie aux Mines I was given a Needle Twister made by Prym by the wonderful Claudia who happens to work for Prym.

I have been chasing this fabulous gadget ever since. After speaking with the Australian distributor  of Prym they agreed to get them in stock and they finally arrived.

Needle Twister with Needles
The fabulous needle twister.

Needle Twister Demo
A little demo on how it works. I love it. The best  part is if you knock it over (like I would do) then the needles don't fall out.

You can find it at Busyfingers Patchwork

Stay tuned as I will be revealing the basket quilt in my next post.

Have a great day.

After a 3.30am start in the office yesterday morning we are off to enjoy breakfast with Lynette Anderson and our photographer Sandra from Sandra Faye photography today.

A girl needs a little R&R from time to time.


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