A giant burger cake

This week has been the week of birthdays here. First it was my husband Jims on valentines day, then it was my second sons birthday and yesterday it was my bithday.

What I wanted to show you was what my daughter and No. 3 son made for their brother. No he is not a small child he was 27.

This masterpiece took nearly all day to create.


It’s a burger cake

There was vanilla cake for the bun, a very thin chocolate cake for the burger, custard for the cheese, green jelly for the lettuce, small thin round pieces of pink cake for the tomato and tiny little dots of yellow icing for the sesame seeds on top. Surrounded by burger lollies.


 It puts a smile on my face to think that these young adults can still enjoy themselves doing silly things for each other.

Oh and by the way the only candle we had in the house was a small frangipani candle but I figured that it was ok because he is a landscaper/ horticulturalist.

Till next time

Sue x x x

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