A day sewing with my friend who keeps me on the straight and narrow

Yesterday I spent the day sewing with my friend Gayle. If you need motivation just spend the day with her.

We had some great laughs, threw some ideas around and we actually sewed as well.


While throwing a few new design ideas around we decided to make a couple to see how they turned out. As we are going to meet up with our “Gadget girl friends” in February at Faeries in my Garden’s new shop for the day we decided that these will make nice gifts for them. 

Shhh! don’t tell them.


They are not yet finished and will all be embellished differently. But alas we need to make a few more. 

It is really hot here at the moment and the air conditioning is going like the clappers so today is a good day to catch up on some computer work. Not too much exercise happening here although I did go to the Gym at 6:15 this morning.

Everyone is busy getting ready for New years Eve celebrations. My kids have filled one shelf in my fridge with Vodka Jelly shots. Hmm! I guess they are going to a party.

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Years Eve and that the New Year brings you all the things that you wish for.

Till next year

Sue x x x

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