Where have I been?

Definitely not to London to visit the Queen. Here is a hint…

P1171241 I know you are all thinking I have been to The Tokyo show. Unfortunately not and stupidly I had already booked my tickets before I realised it was on or I would have definitely been there.

So no it was not Tokyo.






This swan is mP1161238ade from Swarovski crystal and stands about 80cm in height. It almost lit up the night. So maybe now you might think I have been to Austria. No not this trip.








Now you might think that France was on the agenda. 









Maybe later this year but oh no not this time.

So do you think you might know??

 I  will reveal my destination in my next post so stay tuned

On a quilty note. I have just finished making my projects for The Quilters' Angel "Girls Day Out" weekend March 12 & 13. I am so looking forward to it. I do hope it stops raining by then.