Week 2 – This goes with That – Tutorial

So are we ready for week 2?

I know there are a few of you out there working on your quilt. 

So this week we are using 

Block 3: 12 – 1 1/4" 6 pointed stars for this block

 Make sure you leave your little tails sticking out.

Join 3 together and then join another 3 together and then sew the 2 halves together.


Block no.4

3 – 1 1/4" hexagons

3 – 1 1/4" 6 pointed stars

This one can be sewn in any order.

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The starter pack for the quilt is on the website under quilts " This goes with That" but for obvious reasons there is no photo.

The special price that I mentioned last week will be sorted out when the order is processed

Take care and happy stitching

Sue x x x