Up with the birds

Yesterday I was up early and off to have my nails done at 7.30. Do you believe that Barbara does them so early. It is one of the pleasures in life for me. There is also another reason I enjoy it, I can actually sit still for a period of time, relax and enjoy a cup of tea. That’s got to be a good thing.


When I arrived home Jim had already been and picked up the mail and there was a package waiting for me.
I love packages.
Annalisa from Busythimbles had sent me some Jinny Beyer fabric to play with. Isn’t she wonderful.
Hmmm? Now what to do with it. I guess I will do what I usually do and dance around it for a couple of days until I decide.


All of a sudden everyone seems to be ordering thousands of 1/2″ hexagon papers. And I mean thousands.

I couldn’t help but wonder what everyone is doing with them. So the next person who ordered I asked if she would mind telling me what she is doing with them.
Well Patchwork and quilting have a quilt on the cover of the latest edition. 10,339 1/2″ hexagons!!
Do you believe that? What a beautiful quilt and what determination to finish such a work of art.
I thought my 1″ hexagon quilt with almost 4,000 was huge.

Well there is only 2 more sleeps till my last child leaves home. I will miss him but I am so happy he has achieved all he has set out to achieve in such a short time. Yesterday saw him take to the road on his own. He was like a pig in mud.

Till next time

Sue  xxx