The winner is and my new found boxes.

I think deep down inside we all have a passion for pin cushions. Why is that?

Thankyou for all the comments but there is only one winner and the random number generator chose Bronwyn she wrote:

am a pin cushion nut, certified too.I just love them.My favourite one, this
week, is the pear shaped one I made which I mounted on top of a turned timber
spindal. Like the old fashioned ones.I have dried lavender in it.It is tall so
it sits next to me while stitching, no bending down. Love your new one, would
love to win a pattern. 

Congratulations Bronwyn email me your mailing address and I will get the pattern in the post for you.

I will be having another give away in a couple of days. Hmm!! What will it be?

While I was out clothes shopping on Saturday I stumbled upon these boxes.

What a find. The Newsagent had a sale on them for 3 for $10. The original ticket on them was $49.95 each.

I am here to tell you I would never have paid that for them.

I bought 6 but you know what it is like when you get home, you wish you had bought all of them.

They are perfect to keep special treasure in.

See I have started to fill them up already.

 Hmm!!! I really do think I should have bought more of them. Pity the shop is not just around the corner.

Never mind I will just be happy with what I have.

By the way I did actually buy some clothes too.

Till next time.

Sue x x x