The Winner is?

Chocolate!! Well it seems like most of us love it. I think the Lindt chocolate may have come up the favourite but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter so long as you enjoy it.

The random number generator selected Sue Rich from Tasmania.

Hmmm! my favourite chocolate could be ginger coated with dark chocolate, or it could be coconut covered with milk chocolate, let me see I just luv chocolate in any shape or form.

So congratulations Sue you are now the owner of a "Sew Neat" sewing caddy pattern or maybe you can keep your chocolate in it.

Send me your details and I will send your pattern asap.

There was another comment sent in and it read something like this.

The little chocolate Lindt bunnies that you get 3 weeks after Easter because your Mum forgot.

Can anyone guess who that comment came from or who she may be related to? Am I the only one that does that. It could only have come from one of my children. Yes my daughter Shannon.

Sorry Shan but I always came good in the end. If I didn't do things like that my kids would have nothing to look back on and laugh at.


Here are 2 of my children, Shannon and Jarad  yes, you guessed it I just happen to have a photo of them in the LIndt chocolate shop in Germany.

And yes there are sooo many of those occasions. Just ask any of them and they will gladly share them with you. 

Till next time

Sue x x x