The people you meet

So continuing with my experiences in Ste Marie Aux mines.

The people you meet when half way across the other side of the world.

Phone pictures 113 
Well you all recognise Lynette Anderson (whom I might add lives only 20mins from me but we see each other more while overseas) myself, Kristel Salgarollo who has just released her first fabric range with Lecien her very trusty offsider Marteen and none other than Mary Koval.(A lady with many hats but very well known as the  collector of beautiful Antique quilts

After a hard days work a cocktail party was the order of the day.

Phone pictures 109 
Enjoying the scenery with Sabine from Patchwork Studio in Belgium and Edyta from Laundry Basket Quilts from the US.

Phone pictures 101 

Petra Prins and her fabulous assistant. Petra also owns Den Han Waggenmakers in Amsterdam along with the wonderful Nel. What a beautiful stand. I admit I did do a little retail therapy here.

I will be back with some eye candy


Till then