The beautiful seaside town of Merrimbula

What a beautiful place. I just love being near the water, it is a place where I can get lost in my thoughts.

The beach is always a place that is good for my creativity. 

This was the first time we have seen sunshine since we left home and it was quite warm for 1 day. We decided to spend that day which happened to be a free day for me Whale watching unfortunately they were a little far away but we had a great day on the water enjoying the sunshine.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the shop but it is a must see destination.

Set on 500acres (I think or was it 300 anyway it was big) surrounded by 32 log cabins and a Golf course.

The 2 sisters that run the shop Margaret and Brenda made us feel right at home. Thankyou ladies.

The workshop area is big and so to is the shop which also caters for embroiderers in a big way.

Till next time


Sue x x x