Thankyou Oprah

Aren't I just the lucky one then. 

Firstly to have a wonderful son to actually put me in the ballot and secondly to actually win tickets.

Prior to the show Jarad and I wandered around Sydney visiting a few places I used to go when I was young.

Like Pancakes on the Rocks where we shared these "Black Forest pancakes"

Pancakes on the Rocks

We walked around the harbour and then we put on our PINK wrist bands ready to line up for the show and I mean line up. It was a very long line.

Not a good photo I know.

The show was fabulous in a great setting over looking Sydney Harbour at the (Oprah) Opera House. There was a big RED O on the Harbour Bridge which lit up at night.

Yes that's right I was in the audience of the show where Hugh Jackman smashed his eye while on the flying fox.

After he hit I just heard him say "I think I need a tissue" It was very obvious that he was very calm and collected and really didn't want any fuss made at all.

Then she announced the giveaway.
How did she know that I wanted a PINK diamond necklace?

That's right she gave out 6,000 beautiful PINK diamond necklaces in the afternoon show which is the one I attended.

The funny thing is that on Sunday Jim went shopping to buy me a PINK diamond necklace for Christmas but with no luck. So now he can buy me something else. 

It was a once in a lifetime experience and certainly one I can now cross off my bucket list.

Thankyou Oprah you are one amazing lady. When you do something you always do it in style.

Till next time