Spending my time

For the first part of this year I decided to spend sometime on my home ground teaching. South east Queensland to be exact. Travelling in and out of different towns I have been seeing the after marth of the devastation that has happened over the past few months.

I have met many people who have been seriously affected by this cruel blow "Mother Nature" has dished up. It is so sad and I can never imagine having to go through what these people have.

To finish off my local teaching for the year I spent the weekend at Highfields near Toowoomba at The Quilters Angel. It was "the girl's stitch in"

What an amazing weekend Marion and her staff put on out there.

I was team teaching with Linda from Bella embroidery. We had a fabulous time and the weather behaved it's self. Thankgoodness for that.

I drove home on Sunday night just in time to get packed and ready for my 5 weeks teaching in Europe.

My first Port of Call is Singapore where we will have 2 days R&R before my very full schedule.

Stay tuned.