So. What is this?

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It's our new "BUSYFINGERS FUSSY CUTTING MIRROR". That's what it is.

You take a piece of fabric. Any fabric. It can even be "UGLY" fabric (you know the stuff you used to like but now can't remember what posessed you to buy it)

We all have it right??????

Just remember what you consider ugly I might love and what I love you may not. It is not that it is really ugly it is just that we all have different tastes.  

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This is a perfect piece of fabric to fussy cut. It is quite busy.

You take your Busyfingers Fussy Cutting Mirror (try and say that fast 3 times????) and place it on top of the fabric open.

Place your clear acrylic template in between the mirrors (I have left the paper on mine so you can see it) ontop of  the fabric where you are wanting to cut.

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Take the templae away and VOILA!!

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You can move it around to all different places on the fabric and you can work out which part you like the best.

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You cut 1 piece of fabric using your clear acrylic template and then pick it up and place it ontop of the same pattern repeat somewhere else on your fabric put your template ontop and cut again. You need to repeat this process until you have the require number of shapes.

TIP: Always use the first one you cut to line up the rest otherwise it can become like chinese whispers and they don't all end up the same.


If you are using

Hexagons you will need six the same

8 pointed stars you will need 8 the same

You can place it anywhere on your fabric just cut the same pattern repeats and you will be amazed what you can come up with.

You never know what it will look like. You can turn some of those not so nice pieces of fabric into something wonderful.

You can go HERE to see them.

Till next time




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