Rose of Kaleigh Step 23

Good morning everyone,

This week we are making another 5 English Paper Pieced sections for our Rose of Kaleigh quilt, just like last week. To make these sections I have used the teal scratch fabric from my stacker.

To get started you will need your Sue Daley Sewline Glue Pen, Milliners Needles, Rotating Mat, Superior Bottom Line Thread and 3/4″ Hexagon papers and acrylic template. All of these supplies can be purchased through your favourite Sue Daley Stockist. If you are just joining in, my first Rose of Kaleigh blog post has the full requirements list and link to a grid layout of the quilt. You can view this here. 


Cutting instructions:

From the teal scratch fabric:

30 – 3/4″ Hexagons


Using my glue pen method, prepare your shapes. Build your block as shown below. If you are new to EPP, you can download a set of my instructions here, or visit my youtube channel to watch my tutorials.

Rose of Kaleigh Step 22Make 5

Rose of Kaleigh Step 23


I hope you are enjoying your slow stitching. Until next week.

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