Quiltaid 2010 will be officially launched this week at Darling Harbour. As some of you know I am one of the organisers along with Lynette Anderson and Helen Stubbings.

I am also one of the designers of the 12 blocks.

You can read all about how the program works here.

My allocated shop is Busythimbles Patchwork and I have designed the finishing kit for Annalisa again this year.

I thought that you may all like to have alook at the end result. You can view all of the finishing kits on the Quiltaid website.

Quiltaid2010 low res
Sorry, but because of the softness of the colour it doesn't photograph well but it is very pretty.

If you would like to see it in the flesh it will be at Darling Harbour on Stand E02. If you would like join inthe fun you can register here or here.

Till next time