Moving right along

I am frantically trying to catch up on my blogging which explains why I am doing more than 1 blog a day at the moment.

My next Port of Call is  Atelier Salgarollo

Kristel has a beautiful shop in Westerlo in Belgium. She has just finished designing the most beautiful range of fabric for Lecien. I will post some photos when I get home of the fabric. Kristel was kind enough to give me some but I had to post it home because my bags are just too full. I know you are just going to love it.

Sorry for the lack of photos but the battery in my camera was dead.

I did manage to get this photo it was in a little Church yard where there were many old graves and plaques.

Just look what shape they are.

We then headed off to The Log Cabin in Hillensberg. Jacqueline and her sister Sandra were there to meet us in a fabulous hall they had hired for the event. 30 more ladies to teach.

The room was buzzing with excitement

Today it was the It Takes Two quilt. This is a very popular quilt here in Europe and it seems everyone is making it. It is such a wonderful feeling to see some of my designs being finished all around the world. 

My camera is still out of action so I do appologise for the lack of photos on this post.

Check out these trees they are everywhere and they are cut back like this each year. They are amazing.

It was interesting driving around everywhere as the weather started to warm up a little the place got greener and greener each day before your very eyes and it is such a beautiful shade of green.

A few days later we went to visit my dear friend Guute. Guute makes the most amazing antique style quilts and has a few patterns available now. My favourite is The Antique Quilt.

Guute had a few friends around for a bee in the afternoon. It was such fun to be able to just sit and sew along with everyone else.

I actually have some photos can you believe that.

This is one of her dogs Roberre

He is just so big and so adorable. I could have just packed him up in my luggage and took him home.

How cute is he?

So now it is back to work after a couple of days off and we are off to Cologne (Koln) in Germany for the biggest European trade show.

See you soon