Missing in Action

Yes I have been missing in action. It has been such a whirlwind tour sometimes there is just no time left to blog and then when I have the time I have no internet access.

I promised I would talk about the Rollimopsis

Ortrud Kruger from Handerbeit Haus in East germany has this amazing machine that cuts things like Jelly rolls

I don't me a little machine it is quite big and it is amazing.

They have pore cuts called Rollimoopsies

While I was there she asked if I would select 64 fabrics that I liked so they could cut them into Rollimopsies

Well that was a bit difficult as she has so many beautiful fabrics. But one must do as she has to do.

After a short while I had made my selection.

Ortrude now has a new range of Rollimopsi's. They are called Aussiemopsies

3" wide pre cut strips which I will design a quilt from as soon as I am home long enough to do so.

This fantastic machine can cut many many layers of fabric any width. I think I want one.

Hopefully I am going to catch up on my blogging so you can share in my adventures.

Take Care