Look what I have!

Little Baby Clamshells!!!

They are so cute! 1" and 1 1/2" have been added to our range of papers and templates along with spools that make a 2 1/2" finished square! These are shown below next to a 1" Hexagon just to give you an idea on their size.

New Papers Photo

Spool Square  
Spool Strip

The spools are also available as a set called Klosjes set, which includes a the 2 1/2" spool and 1" square for the centre! They are also available in 5" which has a 2" square in the centre and makes a 5" finished square.

You can find these little beauties on our Busyfingers Website!

Clamshells Here             Spools Here             Klosjes Set Here

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