Life is good

I feel like I have died and gone to heaven.

I have been here. ´╗┐Handerbeitshaus in a small town just outside of Dresden in East Germany.


A very large patchwork shop with over 40,000 different fabrics. A small museum with fine old linen, irons, a huge wooden pressing machine that is still used to iron all of the linen and so so much more.

There is also a B&B.


I have just spent 3 amazing days with this wonderful couple Ortrud and Peter in their home.


I was also joined by their fabulous staff who made me feel so welcome.

The class room was through the door at the end of the pathway.


Pia who was my voice for 3 days was just delightful. We laughed and laughed when we got the translation a little wrong but what the heck.

Three days learning German and I managed Hello, Thankyou and I can now count to 6. Yeah!!!! It will be back to Dutch again soon.

Lots of happy ladies came and went some travelled over 500klms to attend my classes and stayed at the B&B.

The food was fabulous. Cake like you have never seen before. YUMMO!!!

They also grow vegetables and fruit and Ortrud makes lots of jam and marmalade.

We saw the first signs of spring as the bulbs began to bloom

Minature daffodils

Beautiful tulips

But none so beautiful as these black tulips that were growing outside of the restaurant called Charlottes where we had a magnificent dinner on the last night.

Peter and Ortrud were kind enough to drive us to Dresden to show us around as I had not had the opportunity over the weekend. The buildings are magnificent. Such alot of history but The whole town made me feel very sad knowing what had gone on before.

Some of the buildings are in such a bad state of disrepair. Some of them are being restored. The Women's church is one of those buildings.

Thankyou Ortrud and Peter for being such wonderful hosts and I hope to be able to return sometime soon.

My next post will be the story about ROLLIMOPSI'S still at Handerbeithaus.

Till then

Stay safe

Sue – The wandering Aussie.