Let the journey begin

And so the next chapter of my life begins.

It has always been a dream of mine to travel around Australia and see the amazing places that this wonderful country of ours has to offer.

I knew if I worked really hard that eventually my dream would become a reality.

The decision was made as to what we would now call home for a season.






















The next step was to get ourselves to a training session to learn how to tow a caravan and most importantly reverse park it into a space that I am sure is sometimes going to feel like a matchbox.

This was probably one of the smartest decisions we have made as it will probably mean a lot less stress and more harmony.











With everything hooked up, checked and double checked, fridge & cupboards loaded and we were off and running on our maiden voyage.

sue and jim










We headed north just 2½ hours away to the quaint little seaside town of Burrum Heads.

pelicansburrum heads

Happy as pigs in mud we were feeling pretty chuffed with ourselves.

We got it parked and the awning up and we were still friends.

Nightfall was approaching quickly so we opted for the good old reliable fish and chips for dinner option.

Time to test the shower out but alas “No hot water”. How did that happen?

What did we go wrong?

What didn’t we do?

Well it didn’t matter because whatever it was, it wasn’t working.

Word spread about the caravan park as apparently that is what happens and suddenly there are willing hands to help remedy the problem.

There was no immediate solution so for the next 5 days it meant using the campsite showers which was our saving grace but not my favourite thing to do it seems.

Sometimes you just have to get over yourself and move on.

This was not about to stop us from enjoying ourselves.

My sewing supplies presented its own little set of issues but you’ll be pleased to know I have sorted that “PRIORITY” right.

I love the outdoors. I love to walk. I love to fish and I really love the beach. I love to create and I love to sew.

IMG_6798 FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-1



























My dream is now becoming a reality and our journey will begin over the next little while as we embark on my “Australian tour”

I hope I get to meet lots of you at one of my many “Trunk shows” that have been planned.












Girl and A Glue Pen