Just to let you know…

As you are all probably aware I live in South East Queensland where it is an absolute disaster area. I am getting many lovely emails from concerned people asking if we are OK. The rain is unrelenting and it is awful to the north, south and the west of us and getting worse. We however at this point have been spared. Thankgoodness. Our local creek flooded on Sunday cutting us off from the town but has since fallen. Today I am not so sure as it hasn't stopped raining. Many people have lost everything.

So to all of those concerned we are just fine at the moment and it is business as usual. We are down a few staff members though as they are unable to leave their homes.

On a lighter note. It was raining so heavy yesterday afternoon that we had to put little Ralphy in a shopping bag to take him into the house. How cute is he? I think he liked it.


Tulip Bag