It’s amazing what a list will reveal and a give away.

Isn't it amazing I thought I only had about 10 new designs that I was working on until I made a list.

Well I got to 19 and an hour later I realised there were 4 more. Oh well! It keeps me off the streets I guess. The crazy thing is I have soooo much more in my head.

When I am designing I start with a small idea and then I grow it until I am happy with the end result.

That process can take a while because if I get to a stage where I am not sure what to do next, it gets put away until such time as I have a light bulb moment.

I could dance around it for months but there is no point forcing the issue if I am not happy with it.

I very rarely sit and draw the design of a whole quilt and then make it and if I do, then it gets changed along the way anyway.

I am actually coming to the stage of finishing alot of them off but you know what that means. Yes, the dreaded pattern writing.

Well you will be pleased to know I did write 3 patterns yesterday.

However I am not going to show them to you all at once.

There will be a give away for a copy of the pattern and pre-cut papers. To enter the draw you need to leave a comment on my blog telling me about your most favourite pincushion. It doesn't have to be the nicest one, just your favourite.

This pattern is called Patchwork Assistants. It's just like mother and child aren't they cute? The pattern is available here. It is made using the "English paper piecing" method.

_MG_7749 copy

You can use them both as pincushions or what the large one was really designed for and that is a cushion to put on your lap while hand sewing.

You know when we hand sew we tend to bend forward getting closer and closer to our work and then we get a burning pain in our shoulder, neck area.

We need to sit back in our chair and if possible put our feet up. Recliner chairs are brilliant because  if you happen to fall asleep sewing (like I do often) you are comfortable. Then you can just pick up where you left off when you wake up.

If you put this trusty little cushion on your lap it will bring your work closer to your face and therefore you don't need to lean forward as much.

_MG_7844 copy-1
How cool is that?

I will announce the winner next Monday. 

So till next time get comfortable.

Sue x x x