It’s a Classic Kinda Day: Airship Propeller

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Hello everyone.

We are going to make another Classics Block. This week we will be making Airship Propeller.

Like many of my Classics blocks, Airship Propeller came from an old quilt I made many years ago.


The template kits for all my Classics are available through Sue Daley stockists and can be bought directly through Patchwork With Busyfingers. This block should measure 12½” when pieced together (12″ finished).

Many of these blocks can be machine or hand-pieced, depending on your preferences and what you feel most comfortable with. I personally prefer to hand-piece these blocks.

Airship Propeller Block

To create this block you will need the following templates.


Following the hand piecing instructions sew sets of 1-B, 1-C and 1-D piece together as shown in the diagram.


Make 4

Finger press the seams.

Sew each set to an E piece as shown in the diagram to create the outer block.


Finger Press.

Follow the appliqué instructions and appliqué piece A to the centre to complete the block.


Press carefully. The block should now measure 12½” square. Make as many blocks as you need to make a quilt.

These blocks look amazing in all different fabrics! Have some fun with your stash – you can change up the look so easily just by experimenting with fabric placement. Here are some basic quilt layout ideas you can try.



If you’re posting any of your classics blocks on social media, remember to use the #suedaleyclassics hashtag so I can follow your work!

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