It was a Crow day

I have just spent the weekend in beautiful Tasmania.

I was asked to do the book launch for  my 2 friends Leonie and Deirdre from "The Quilted Crow"

It was my pleasure to do this for the girls. The book is absolutely beautiful and apparently very popular as it has gone to a second print run. In such a short time. Congratulations.

Phone pictures 841

Phone pictures 844
We laughed and there were a few tears. Happy ones of course.

Phone pictures 843
Leonie and Deirdre are the salt of the earth and work so very hard throwing themselves into every new adventure that presents itself.

They stay true to themselves never looking to the left or the right or worrying about what everyone else is doing. They just concentrate on what they love which is wool and reproduction fabrics creating beautiful designs.

You girls rock. All the best with all of your new ventures that lay ahead.

Till next time


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