It is nice to be home and to catch up with the locals

With all my running around I forgot to blog about my wonderful night at "The Patchwork Angel"

Occasionally I get to hang out with the local ladies when I am at home and Penny's shop is a great place to do just that.

I did a trunk show for the girls as well as a demonstration using the fabulous Sewline glue pen. Don't you just love it. Oh yes I forgot I did do another demonstration for a few lucky ladies.It was the Tim Tam slam.

I must do a tutorial on that for those that don't know what that is.


The hexagon piece that I have in my hand is just to die for. When I went on a road trip recently I took Gail my office manager with me and we stopped to see the Annette Gero quilt display in Ipswich and we were both inspired by a quilt we saw made with 1/2" hexagons.

However not being happy with just doing that we decided to add 1/4" hexagons to the mix. This one is Gails and I have one similar except I have not done quite so much. The very centre, yes you guessed it are all 1/4" hexagons. They are oh so cute and so easy to do now we have the Sewline glue pen.

Just remember if you decide to take up the challenge of doing these little cuties cut your seam allowance a little smaller and they will sit nice and flat at the back. Otherwise it will look like a rag rug.

For more photos on the night you can go here.

Thankyou Penny for another great night

Till next time,

Sue x x x