This trip like all my trips has been fabulous catching up with old friends and making so many new ones.

Who would think that I would run into so many familiar faces in Ste Marie Aux Mines. Friends from Norway, Germany,Netherlands, US and yes of course even friends from down under. It just shows how small our world has become.

While I have been treaching I have been sharing the technique for doing applecores and clamshells and it is really amazing the things you see and can draw inspiration from. I am always looking around me and I always find some small thing that sparks an idea.

Look at these for clamshell ideas

Phone pictures 114 
The back of a chair.

Phone pictures 156 
The pavement

The rest room floor

It is amazing. BUT you can't forget to look up as the most amazing designs are often on the ceilings of old buildings.

See  you soon