Infusion Month Two

Good Morning and welcome to Month Two of the Infusion Sew-Along.

Today we are going to do a little EPP.

For Month 2 of the Infusion Sew Along we are continuing with the centre block.

We will make 4 arcs using the rounded thimble shapes.

Using the template cut out 16 thimble shapes. Follow the instructions in the book and glue the fabric to the paper shapes.

Rounded Thimbles

Sew 4 thimbles together as shown

You should have 4 sets

Rounded Thimbles by 4

NOTE: Fold the fabric back out at each end of the arcs. These will get sewn into the seam allowance when we add the borders.

Rounded Thimbles Corner Applique

Press your block & thimble arcs well. Once ironed remove the paper shapes from the arcs.

Trim the block back to 18 ½” and then glue baste the arcs into position.

Using your preferred method of applique, sew around the outside edges of the thimble arcs. I personally preferred needle turn applique which is made easier in this step as the edge has already been turned under using the pre-cut paper shapes.

Thimbles Full

Follow the instructions on page 15 of my Raspberry Parlour book and add the inner border.

Centre Block

See the video for my super duper tips for adding borders. Especially Mitred borders.

Press your block well. Put it in a safe place until you complete all of your small blocks.

Centre Block with Borders

Remember to share your progress as you work through the months and most of all enjoy the journey.

I’ll be back soon.

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