Infusion Month Nine


We are at the final month of block construction for the Infusion quilt! Soon we will all have a completed quilt!

For this month we will be finishing off the Machine/Hand Pieced blocks which include Churn Dash, Steps, Spinning Stars, and Corners.

If you need any help with constructing these pieces make sure you refer to the video below and my Raspberry Parlour book.

Like last week we will be referring to the instructions on pages 24 to 26 to construct four of each block.

Use the hand-piecing instructions on page 13 and the templates on page 40, cut the shapes from your fabric.

Block Construction

Pin the pieces and sew them together following the order shown in the diagrams. Press the finished block, ensuring the block measures 6 ½” square.

Finished Blocks

Store your finished blocks.

Month nine is now complete! Soon we will be working on constructing the quilt. We are so close!

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #infusionsal and #suedaleydesigns if you post your progress on social media. I can’t wait to see how all of you went!


See you next month for the Sashings and Corner Stones!

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