Infusion Month Eleven


I wanted to apologise for the delay in posting this final month. The last 4 months have been an incredibly tough time for my family. We’re still processing everything we have been through and thank you for your patience and ongoing support.

This month marks our final post for the Infusion Sew-Along. I am so happy to have gone on this scrappy journey with you. I cannot wait to see all of your finished creations.

Month 11 is the final part of the process with the borders, wadding, backing and binding.

You can find the instructions on finishing your quilt on pages 15-17 in my Raspberry Parlour book. We will be using 1m of Raspberry Kisses (or whichever fabric you prefer) for the borders and 50cm of the same fabric for binding.

First of all, as I explain in the book, you can either make Butted Borders or Mitred Corner Borders. The Mitred borders are a lengthier and more complicated process but has fantastic results.

The next step in finishing your quilt is layering and basting. How you do this will depend on your preferred quilting method.


If you plan on machine-quilting this project I recommend spray basting in between layers. If you plan on hand quilting then spray basting will be too messy, instead I recommend you pin or thread baste all the layers together.


Once the layers have been basted together it is time to quilt. Some of you may prefer hand-quilting, some will prefer machine quilting, while others may have their Infusion Quilt professionally done. Any method you choose is perfectly fine, as long as you check the batting and wadding manufacturer’s recommendations for how close the quilting lines must be.

Finally we must bind the quilt and finish the binding ends.

And then your Infusion Quilt is done!

I cannot wait to see everyone’s progress and as usual make sure to use the hashtag #infusionsal and #suedaleydesigns so I can see all of your work.

Shout out to the people who have been posting their sew-along progress on social media!


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See you all next month.

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