I love being spoilt

Mother's Day has come early in the Daley household and I love it.

With most of my children spread far and wide around the globe these days it makes for a quiet Mother's Day. However I have been blessed with 4 very special children.

First came the flower delivery man with these beautiful Gerbras. They all know that they are one of my favourite flowers.

 Next day this arrived one of my favourite perfumes.

I have trained them well don't you think?

They all know that I cannot wait to open them because I am like a big kid when it comes to presents.

But you know what? Even though only one will be here on Mother's Day the best gift of all is to know that they are all happy and they are all following their dreams and ambitions. 

So for me if they are happy then I am really happy.

So to all of my 4 children, Thankyou.

To all the mothers around the world "Happy mother's Day" for Sunday 

Sue x x x