I know some of you are curious

Yes I know some of you are curious as to where I have been

A few more photos


These roses were so beautiful and very cute with their little jackets on.


Wall to wall cumquat trees. They seemed to be on every corner and every hotel foyer.


High Tea at The Peninsula Hotel was the order of the day after a very tiring day of shopping.

The streets were lined with Tailors, handbag shops (Oh the handbag shops) Jewellery shops (Oh the jewellery shops) the diamonds were huge and so beautiful. Shoes and sunglasses. Night markets.

I have to admit we did get up to some retail therapy.

Have you got a clue yet?

During the day the harbour looked like this. Not too attractive as the pollution is not good.

By night, the same harbour lights up like a Christmas tree.

 It looks so much better by night.

Oh yes and there were the days we needed to catch a train.

Well, what train would you get on? That was just a small part of the timetable. There was another 10 or 12 of those illuminated timetables.

We had no idea. Thankfully in the sea of people that surrounded us there was a very nice young man that spoke a few words of English that showed us the way.

Thank goodness for that because we could have ended up anywhere. And I mean anywhere.

I little bit scary.

You see it is Chinese New Year and everybody goes home for holidays. I have never seen so many people catching trains, buses and planes.

Well now you know we have been to Hong Kong and surrounding places.

Back to work and reality. Life is busy here as usual as I prepare for my 5 weeks in Europe teaching.

I leave in about 5 weeks I think.

As soon as Elise has finalised my schedule of places I am teaching I will let you all know.

Stay safeSignature