I am very excited to announce?????

Today Linda Franz, (from Inklingo) and I have an announcement to make. 

There have been many requests from a number of people about wether it is possible to make the "Pie and Tarts" quilt using Inklingo.

Well it hasn't been up until today.

Linda and I have been working behind the scenes over the last little while (or long while) to make it possible for those of you interested to be able to purchase the "NEW" Shape collection from Linda and of course the pattern only from me. If you click on the link on the sidebar on the right it will take you to Linda's site.

Inklingo Pie and Tarts

This is a beautiful quilt and has proven to be so popular all over the world so we are very excited to have been able to work together on this particular project so we hope you are as excited as we are.

Pie and Tarts BOM
What does the future bring? Well you will just have to stay tuned to both Linda's blog and mine to see if we just might have another surprise for you some time later.