I am home for a little while before it all starts again

May and June have been extremely busy months and No I am not complaining the truth is I love it.

I have just been away alot and it is nice to get home to my own bed and familiar surroundings.

After the Trade show we launched straight into Darling Habour and of course with all that goes on I forgot to take the photos.

Thankyou to all of you who attended my talks and stopped by to say hello. I just wish I had more time to chat but we were extemely busy with not much time to lift my head let alone think about eating.

It was obvious to me that Australia has gone mad over 1/4" hexagons.

You must admit they are soooo cute

I will have some photos for you over the next few days.

But for the moment I am going to show you a photo of Pack 38 which is the starter pack for a double wedding ring quilt done in just 1 fabric plus the background.

PWP Pack 38
 Now that I am back on deck I promise to post more often.

Stay safe

Sue x x x