How to create a Knicker Knot

Knicker Knot Illustration-05

Good morning!

Today I will be showing you how to create a knicker knot in four simple steps. The knicker knot helps to prevent seams coming undone down the track, so it is the ideal way (and the method I use) to start and finish your English Paper Piecing properly.

Knicker Knot Illustration-06

Pass the needle through all layers to start the knot.

Knicker Knot Illustration-01

Knicker Knot Illustration-07

2. Take the single thread and pass under the needle to the left and to the back.

Knicker Knot Illustration-03

Knicker Knot Illustration-08

3. Take the double thread and do the opposite - pass to the right side of the needle, wrapping underneath and around the needle and taking it to the back.


Knicker Knot Illustration-04

Knicker Knot Illustration-09

4. Pull the thread through to create the knot.

Knicker Knot Illustration-02

Knicker Knot Illustration-14

Knicker Knot Illustration-15

And that is how you create a knicker knot! I hope you found this useful.


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