Home and I still haven’t finished writing about my trip

I headed up to Norway for a few days and it was so fantastic.

Kathrines Quilt Stue is a beautiful store.Here you will see lots of photos of my time spent there. There were so many photos Kathrine has written 2 blog posts

Everything was held up the mountain in a big old Church.

Kathrine managed to take half of her shop up the mountain ready for the busy days ahead.

Three days of teaching and a trunk show.

I have to tell you on my way to Norway I was feeling exhausted and I wondered if I was going to be able to get through the few days ahead.

When I walked in the room and saw what lay before me it was like a dose of energy hit me. Kathrine and her staff were so organised and everyone was so enthusiastic. The excitement in the air was amazing. I have never seen anything like it. Thankyou Katherine I had the most fabulous time.

Kathrine is on the left and Helle is on the right. Helle was my fabulous chaffeur for 3 days and she also made my Faith Hope and Love quilt which she is holding up.

I have never seen so many of my designs that have been finished all in one room before. Keep up the great work girls.

I also met May Britt who won the very first give away on my blog. Aren't computers great they have made the world a much smaller place. I would never ever have dreamed that I would be meeting so many people that I had spoken to over the internet. Life is good.

I will let you in on a little secret. I may just be going back there next year.Shhhh!!!!! Don't tell anyone I am secretly looking forward to that.

A little R&R before we headed home.

This was in a beautiful park with hundreds of sculptures depicting the tree of life. They were all done by the one man. Amazing.

The angry boy. 

There was sill a little snow on the ground.

This was the view from where we had lunch. You can see the houses with the grass on the roof tops.

They put goats up there to eat the grass. How quaint.

The following day Jim and I took a cruise around the fjords the day was perfect and warm.

It was then time to pack the bags and head on home.

Thankyou to all of you who made my trip so wonderful and if I didn't get to meet you this time there will always be next time.

Thanks Kathrine see you in Salt Lake City next week

Take Care

Sue x x x