Having fun with the Tim Tam Slam

There is no doubt about it The Aussie Tim Tam has to rate as one of the best chocolate biscuits in the world.

In the hotel we stayed at they were serving a cocktail with the Patchworker in mind.

It was called the "Quilter's Dream"

Hot chocolate with Frangelico, Baileys, coconut, cream and cherries on top. YUMMO!!!!!!

Together with the Tim Tam it made for a wonderful night cap.

We decided to share the Tim Tam slam with some of our friends.

Julie on the left is a pattern designer. She owns Patchabilities. Merry owns Merry's Stitches a shop in Iowa and her no. 1 employee Jennifer with the look of sheer delight on her face. Just a bit of fun after a hard day at market. You just have to have some fun don't you think?

See you soon

Sue x x x