Forget Me Not Sew Along – Step 12

As this is my last post before the New Year I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

I can’t wait to show you my completed sew along quilt after it has been quilted and bound. It has been wonderful sharing this project with you and seeing all of your beautiful work.

Stay tuned for my ‘Beaujolais’ Sew Along in 2016!

Step 12:

Prepare the following using the Sue Daley EPP glue pen method.

Cream Requirements


Fill in the remainder of the quilt using the cream hexagons as shown below.

Forget Me Not Sew Along


1. Trim and Bind

Trim the edges using a rotary cutter and then layer, quilt and bind using your preferred method.

2. Framing Border (optional)

Cut 6 strips 6 1/2″ wide AWOF and join them together end to end.

Measure through the middle of the quilt and add 14″. Cut two pieces this length.

Measure through the middle in the other direction and add 14″. Cut two pieces this length.

Remove the papers from on edge of the quilt top.

Lay one piece of your border on the ironing board and press right side facing up.

Lay the edge of the quilt on top with right side facing up and overlapping the edge by approx 2”.

Note: Make sure the edges are flat and straight and that the corners have enough border fabric behind them.

Glue baste the edges.

Appliqué the edge of the quilt to the border leaving the corners free.

Do each border in the same manner.

When all 4 borders are in position lay the corner of the quilt on the ironing board as shown in the diagram below.

Mitred Border Diagram

Fold the border under at a 45 deg angle and check with your ruler that it is exactly 45 deg and flat.


Pin the mitred corner and appliqué the mitre.

Do the remaining 3 in the same manner.

Layer, quilt and bind using your preferred method.


Happy holidays