Daley Birthdays

This week has seen 3 birthday celebrations in our family. Valentines day is my Husband Jims birthday. Yesterday was No 2 sons birthday and today It was my birthday.
Aren’t these roses beautiful. These were waiting for me when I arrived home from doing the shopping this morning.

Today was very hectic with orders for paper pieces. At last count I think we sent out over 40,000 paper pieces today. As we were about to finish up for the day I heard a voice calling me from outside and there was Tabetha from the flower shed with another huge flower arrangement. They are so big I had to open the double doors to get them inside. These were from my 4 children. They also bought me an ipod now I
just have to find a teenager to show me how to use it          Pict1869            

Tonight our friends John and Ann came for dinner it was John’s birthday also.

Just look at these delicious little moouse cakes we had for dessert. They would have to be the best tasting cake I have ever had.                                                            


What a wonderful day, even though I am another year older.

Till next time

Sue xxx