I just want to thank everyone who has left wonderful and encouraging comments on my blog over the years.

Some of you will have noticed that they don't appear after you have sent them. There is a reason for this and I feel that it is time to explain why.

I get each and everyone of them and I love to read them all but I have had to vet the comments coming through because of just 1 sick, jealous person that feels she has to try and destroy anyone who comes her way.

A lot of you will know who I am talking about and some of you won't. Some of you I know, have witnessed her antics and have even been victim to a tongue lashing from her which I am very sorry for. 

So in order to save you from her wrath I choose to not show most of the comments on my blog.

This person suffers from querulous paranoia and will go at someone like a rabid dog till they destroy them.

I have seen her in action and have witnessed the destruction she has caused to a beautiful young family. She has made my family her focal point for the last 5 years now and will not give up till she wins.

She will not win. Everyone in our little town knows what she is capable of and the Government departments have even declared her vexatious.

I hope that you all understand why I have had to post this on my blog it is not a decision that I made lightly.

So having said all of that I hope that you will continue to leave those wonderful comments as I do enjoy reading them very much.

So enough of all the negative, this week is a celebration so my next post will be the first giveaway for the week.

Take care