Cologne (Koln) Show

When we arrive the stand had alreadybeen errected and what a stand it was. A little larger than what I am used to.

It was a beach theme and beautifully done.

This is where I spent 3 days talking to shop owners from all over Europe. Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Turkey just to name a few. I have to say it was hard when you only speak English but I survived.

Check this out we even had our own cafe bar right in the middle of the stand and at 3pm each afternoon the Champagne began to flow.

Then there was my stuff. Yeah!!!

IMG_0209 I just loved the way I was in between Sewline who make one of my favourite notions "The Sewline Glue Pen" and C&T Publishing who is the Publisher of my new book. Which I might add will be released in November.

There were lots of wonderful things to see and I did make a great purchase which I will reveal when it arrives at Busyfingers in the near future.

Here are some of the wonderful sales team from Rhinetex having our last meal before we headed off into the sunset.

Look at the way the napkins have been folded.

Just a little bit cute.

Check out the size of the meal I was served on the first night we were there. We had dinner at a beer haus.

It was a giant pork knuckle. Just a little too much food for this little black duck

Well sadly it was time to move on again.

We are now headed for Rotterdam.

See you there.