Christmas comes, Christmas goes and a New year is about to unfold.

Christmas came and went with very little stress.

We had a wonderful time enjoying Christmas with the family.

Just prior to Christmas we visited the Christmas shop in Eumundi here is a photo of some of the cute little houses that they have set up in the back.

PC210030  They didn’t have a Patchwork shop but they did have a B&B so Jim decided that I needed it.

It’s one of those shops that you can go to for a feel good experience and you just don’t want to leave.

We went to my sisiters for Christmas and I just wanted to show you a picture of one of her dogs, Lucy.

As you can see she will eat anything. Here she is eating a Mango.

PC250038 And here she is after the mango. It was funny to see the dog as it’s usually the people who feel like this on Christmas day

PC250036  The boys decided to go out in the boat and they were gone for awhile but I think they should have checked the petrol situation before they left.


I noticed he didn’t forget the Santa hat though. Boys???

Well, with Christmas put to bed for another year I can get back to some serious sewing.

My friend Gayle is coming over to spend the day sewing today. And some serious sewing it will be I hope. I have lots of things planned to keep us occupied. Mind you knowing Gayle she will have a few things up her sleeve too.

So tomorrow I hope to be able to share what we have done.

As we head into the New Year enjoy the celebrations and stay safe.

Till next time

Sue x x x