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Today is my day for the Blog Tour.


Welcome to my world sometimes crazy but Oh so exciting. 

My design business is called Patchwork with Busyfingers

I spend much of my life these days designing patterns, writing books and teaching all over the world.

A better job I could not wish for. I am so blessed.

If you know me you will understand why sometimes when you move at such a fast pace you sometimes overlook the little things that down the track become big things.

Well this is one of those times.

I decided at the end of last year I needed to very organised for 2010 and so I set out to get things done before my deadlines fell due.

It was fabulous and I was feeling ontop of things.

I made my block in record time for the magazine and sent it in.

BUT. Guess what? I forgot to take a photo of it. How silly is that.

At that point I had no idea there would be a blog tour.

So please forgive me as I am going to show you what it looks like in a different colour.

PWP Pack 33
The block was constructed using the English paper piecing technique which is what I do best along with Needleturn applique,embroidery and fine hand quilting.

English paper piecing is not just about hexagons anymore. It is about what ever shape you want it to be.

Together with a little imagination you can make the most amazing quilts.

This morning I had a light bulb moment I remembered the coffee mug I was given last week in Houston. I tried to take a photo of my block on my new coffee mug but it was impossible. So here is a photo of the coffee mug. How cute is that with 100 quilt blocks on it.


You can catch just a little glimpse of my block. Second row from the top. Second block in from the right.

As this is a week of celebrations on my blog to celebrate today you can leave a comment and you will go into the draw for a copy of the magazine.

There will also be a second prize and that will be a Playing with Paper Pack for my design featured in the magazine.

There are also lots of giveaways at The Quiltmaker.com/quiltypleasures

If you would like to purchase a copy of the magazine you can go here.

I hope you have enjoyed the blog tour it has been a huge amount of fun being envolved.

So stay safe until next time

Sue x x x