Back to work

Funny it never really feels like work. I guess it is just because I love it so much.

There was a little re organising in the office in the holidays so everything was all neat and tidy today.

I have my very own space now so I am not creating mess on everyone elses desks.

Now I have my very own office at "THE OFFICE"  and a studio at home. That just means I have 2 places to make a mess in.

Today was the launch of our new "FABRIC CLUB" called Block to Block.


Basically it is a reproduction fabric club with some added extras like a set of 7 of our new dual purpose templates which can be used for the 2 –  8" block patterns which you will receive each month for 9 months, my favourite milliners 11 needles in month 1  and a bonus pattern in the last month. 

You can go HERE for more details

You can register now for a February start.

Stay tuned as there is so much more to tell you. So many exciting things I can hardly keep my mouth shut tight.



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