Hi everyone,

As most of you know Sue is in Europe again teaching.
Sue designed a new quilt recently called Appleberries using the 2" & 4" Applecore shapes. Because she became addicted to them (Can you ever imagine that? Sue getting addicted to something!) haha. It's a bit of a joke here in the office.She was telling everyone about how much she loves them. You know how it goes. If Sue loves something the whole world has to know about it! Well guess what we ran out of……… 2" Applecores…. (damn) so we had to keep the Appleberries quilt a bit quiet.

BUT quiet no more! Because before Sue left she ordered enough applecore papers to fill our office we can barely move for them. Thanks Sue if you are reading this 🙂 🙂 🙂 So now it is safe to tell you all about Appleberries!

It really is a beautiful quiltand it really really is so easy to do applecores. Just like she says.
If you would love a pattern which includes all of the papers and acrylic templates you can go to the website


I will be back with a few more little stories about Sue that you might find interestine 🙂

BTW Sue if you are reading this…. It is VERY quiet here without you!

Till next time,