And the rain keeps falling

It has rained all day here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. With gale force winds and driving rain predicted, my youngest son Jarad sat his driving test today.
I did feel sorry for him as the older kids were putting on the pressure not to let the side down
to make it 4 out of 4  of my kids getting their license first time round.
He did me proud as he passed with flying colours.
I must admit I am very glad that is over and best of all my taxi service days are over too.

We have had a mad flurry of Patchwork Retreats booked this week for later in the year. I am so looking forward to that.   

Tapas_plateI have just finished preparing this tapas plate for our guests. I hope they enjoy it.

I seem to spend alot of time these days preparing plates like this.


Just look at these two. Ralphy on the left and Elke on the right. They think I have just prepared  that food for them. I think not kids.

Do you like my little patchwork tiles under Ralphy’s feet I managed to get when we were building the B&B

I am off to sew some more of my Faith, Hope and Love 6″ sampler blocks

Till next time

Sue xxx