And so

Mother nature continues to batter this beautiful state where we live. I have had many emails and phone calls to see if we are OK. Thankyou all for your concerns.

We are OK and I count my lucky stars that we live where we do. When 75% of this state has been through absolute devastation to escape it all has been a miracle.

Just prior to leaving to go on my last trip I was frantically finishing off all the projects for my new book and editing the manuscript.

The book is do to be launched in Houston at Fall Market. That will explain a lack of photos of what I have been up to.

However it is back to normality (actually I am not sure whether it is ever normal here) It always seems chaotic with many deadlines to meet.

I am pleased to say however I do have new things I have been working on so it won't be long till they are revealed.

So today I will leave you with some more of those beautiful roses with their little jackets on. Red ones this time. Oh and some giant Cocks combs.


Till next time have a great day. Jim and I are off to have breakfast with Lynette Anderson and her husband Vince. Hmm!! What shall we have?Signature