Pattern Updates

Kaleidoscope Quilt


2nd line should read:

8 – 20cm strips AWOF of black tone on tone fabric



From each black fabric:

25 – Octagon Isosceles (follow the English Paper Piecing instructions)

15 – 2” Half Square triangles (follow the English Paper Piecing instructions)

Hidden Gems Quilt

A4 Insert

Early editions of the Hidden Gems quilt pattern (printed in May 2018) may be missing the A4 insert. This can be downloaded here or please email to organise a copy.

 Quatro Colour Quilt – Border Instructions

RQuatro Colour

Join border strips together end to end, then cut in to 4 equal pieces (cut in half then half again).

Fold each border piece in half down the length and press to find the centre.

 Homeward Bound – English Rose Version

Homeward Bound
It has come to our attention that the image on the cover of Homeward Bound – English Rose does not reflect the requirements listed. This has been amended and will be correct on all future patterns. If you have an old version please contact us ( so we can organise you a correct pattern cover.

 Rouge Provence Quilt

Rouge Provence
Requirements List:

25cm (3/8yd) Red Chandelier fabric (flowers)

Mug Rug Booklet – Insert

The A4 insert included in the Mug Rug Booklet is incorrectly labelled.

The Size ‘A’ Hexagon is meant to read ‘B’.

The Size ‘B’ Hexagon is meant to read ‘A’.

Please email sales@busyfingerspatchwork if you would like to receive a new insert.


 Pemberley Quilt by Katrina Hadjimichael


We have been made aware that some ‘Pemberley’ patterns by Katrina Hadjimichael contain an error with the distribution of paper shapes. If you notice any discrepancies with your papers please contact

We are currently investigating this and apologise for the inconvenience.

Pg 7 – See A3 insert #1 for the scallop template. Diagram in booklet is not to scale.

Scalloped Candle MatsScalloped Candle Mats

It has come to our attention that some Scalloped Candle Mat patterns do not contain the A3 insert.
If you did not receive this insert in your pattern please contact

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Azure RoseAzure Rose

Centre Medallion A3 Template
It has come to our attention that some Azure Rose patterns do not contain the A3 insert for the Centre Medallion.
If you did not receive this insert in your pattern please contact

Instructions (page 3)

Replace: Make 20 – 2” Pentagon Flowers
With: Make 16 – 2” Pentagon Flowers

Please follow the placement of 2″ Pentagon Flowers as per the Pattern Cover Photo.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Wagon WheelsWagon-Wheels-Quilt


Clover ¼” Bias Maker

Raspberry Tea (featured in Raspberry Parlour Book)Raspberry Tea Pattern


4.5m (4 7/8 yd) Cream Background Fabric C750-01 Cream Daisy

Cutting Instructions:

From the Background Fabric
1 19” square (to be trimmed back to 18 ½” after appliqué)
26 1 ½” strips AWOF – cross cut these into 156, 6 ½” x 1 ½”pieces.

Page 21 – Star Bright Block
Please note that this block can be made as shown or
without the square corners.

Page 25 – Steps

Replace: 8 square A in background, 8 square A in colour

With: 8 square D in background, 8 Square D in colour

Page 25 – Corners

Replace: 4 rectangle J colour, 4 square A background,
4 square A colour

With: 4 rectangle B colour, 4 square D background,
4 square D colour

Sew Smart BagSew-Smart-Bag_web

Cutting Instructions:

From the Blue and Pink Fabric
12      2” squares of pink for prairie points on the handle
10      2” squares of blue for prairie points on the handle

 My Mysterium QuiltMy-Mysterium_1500


20cm (1/4 yd)     Cream small print fabric
20cm (1/4 yd)     Coral Stripe fabric

 Marmalade QuiltMarmalade-Quilt

Cutting Instructions:

From Sashing Fabric:
Cut 17 – 2 ½” strips AWOF
Cut 8 – 2” strips AWOF for binding


50 spool pre-cut papers have been included in the pattern, simply re-use the papers to create 64 spools.

Page 18: BINDING
Binding is made from the remaining 2” wide strips.  Join the strips end to end and press the seams open.

Raspberry ClamsRaspberry-Clams_web


Take the 2 – 3 ½” strips of cream and red spot fabric and stitch together along the short edge. Fold this strip in half down the length. PRESS.


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